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The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Two

The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part One

IV. Mama Era Promotions (aka where Kris builds his image, and then shoots it down to hell)

A. The Many Sides of Duizhang (aka “Professional Life Ruiner From Hell”)

The Savior Krisus

What early MAMA era did (above all others) was cement Kris’ status as Duizhang. As EXO-M started their promotion period in China, it became clear just why Kris was chosen to lead this six-member sub-unit into the vast, uncharted Chinese pop idol industry. Not only did he prove articulate and thoughtful, time and again, Kris swooped in to save his members from awkward moments in various interviews--a valiant effort which further endeared him to fans. Throughout all this, he never strayed from his favorite patented bitch face, whether he was reiterating his ability to fly, rap, refusing to do something on the spot, confirming that excuse you, his skin is better than yours (enhanced by BB cream), or even when playing with an unsuspecting angry bird.

Trolling Duizhang Like a Buffalo

That all changed when Zhang Yixing decided that enough was enough: the real Duizhang had to be known. As it turns out, that bitch face is only a cleverly constructed front to hide the most adorkable fail on the planet. Because, you see, Kris is really just a 6’2” ball of adorable fluff waiting to take the world by storm. Zhang Yixing opened the floodgates, and all the members followed (in rapid succession). Thus, months later, the person who used to have to force others to take the mic from him, now wanted to shut them all up, lest they reveal just how much hard work he puts into being cool.

Out of all the members, Chen-Chen has been Yixing’s disciple in the art trolling Duizhang and has proven to be very much adept in throwing Kris under the bus, alongside his other accomplices. Sometimes, though, the members don’t need to troll Kris as he himself seems to do a good job of ruining his own image. A fine example of this is his inordinate pride in being Kriscasso.

Kris and Cute Pt. 1: Crippling Weakness to Aegyo

Despite that, Kris’ love for his members (both in K and in M) is very evident. Kris is the undisputed big brother of all of EXO, even if he is only the third oldest. Where he leads, the others follow. Whether it’s admitting that he he gives in to Tao because he’s cute, or even messing around with the little trolls he looks after, Kris is a complete and total sucker for aegyo, puppy eyes, and all things cute. Of course, this doesn’t mean Kris will let others get the best of him.

Beyond his members though, Kris is powerless to young small humans. Though he has not had many public interactions with kids, except for a little girl and the infamous Guo Guo, aka Baozi’s little gf, Kris has demonstrated an unprecedented weakness for children. Any ovaries that survived the earlier massacre definitely did not survive this sudden attack (may feiling rest in peace, but seriously, have you seen anything more precious??).

Kris and Cute Pt. 2: Aegyo Monster Himself

And yet, Kris saw it fit to ensure the decimation of all ovaries by showing the world not just how receptive he was to aegyo, but also how he could bbuing bbuing with the best of them. (Okay, it wasn’t that successful, but it was cute to see him try. Seriously, Duizhang pls;;) Kris’ best aegyo feature, though, is his gummy smile, which is equal parts adorable, cute, and heartwarming. His eye smile is wonderful, too.

His legend has been built upon his harem of plush toys. It started with a red dragon, then a panda. It started out innocently enough--hey, let’s make such an imposing person carry around a kid’s toy. Fans, however, were totally not ready for Ace Wu, the little alpaca that could. If ever there was a moment where the whole fandom collectively gasped in painful abandon, it would be this. Ace has gone on to be the most notorious member of Kris’ plushie harem (even earning verbal acknowledgement as Kris’ son at his birthday party), but he is certainly not its last member. Kris’ plushie collection continues to grow in mini-plushie keychain format as well, so much so any airport picture is incomplete without a new plushie to welcome.

Aegyo Kris lulled fans into a sense of contentment. But they would be reminded that true to Duizhang’s complex personality, the grease was just waiting to unleash itself. And boy, did it.

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