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The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Four

The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Three

Letting Kris Loose Onstage

Kris started out terribly awkward onstage, saved only by the fact that he still looked good being awkward. Take his first Like A G6 stage for example. Please take this as an example of the love-rage feels that Duizhang induces. From that first performance, however, Duizhang has improved by leaps and bounds. Now he’s comfortable running around, lying down, and even sliding across the floor.

It has come to a point where he’s gotten so comfortable that he accidentally showed his often-denied and terribly covered-up tattoo, to the delight of his fans who then promptly prepared a seven-page document in an attempt to explain what it means. Kris has also demonstrated his skill on the African Drums (see, he fulfilled his promise when he said “maybe next time”).

Chen is the top danseen masheen in EXO, but his fans could argue that, within EXO-M, Kris comes a close second. His long limbs tend to make him look awkward and get in the way more often than not. Don’t tell him that, though, he won’t accept it. He may not voice out his insecurities, but actions speak louder than words. However, he hasn’t let that stop him from enjoying the stage.

Kris must really take those self-help books to heart. From the boy who’d rather be dancing in the back, Kris has taken to demonstrating his, err, moves at fans’ request, and even parodying and teasing poor Kyungsoo. But nobody could have prepared fangirls’ hearts when he suddenly busted out his vocal chords and sang for fans during his birthday. Of course, the grease is also a big part of it.

Swimming in a Tub of Grease (Part 2)

A big part of what solidified Kris’ position as a greasy god is due largely to Kcon and DKFC (aside from his ever-present winking and flying kisses).

At Kcon, Kris delighted fans with his impeccable aegyo (as previously detailed) and a bit of sass, but also with his concern for fans’ safety during the fansign, expressed in a sexy and greasy drawl. This outburst of concern was met with cheers and swoons, but also with an epic facepalm from fellow contributor Hipployta, who had the (mis)fortune of standing in line at the fansign and witnessing it all. In fact, there is even a fancam of hipployta speaking with his royal hotness. How cool is that?

DKFC in Manila left fans with a deep impression. Kris impressed everyone with his vocals in EXO’s rendition of Hawak Kamay, but also shocked fans with his intense performance of “Two Moons,” as well as with his MC skills. Whether or not fans were able to handle all the sexy Duizhang was talking about is unknown, but one this was certain: IT WAS HOT IN THE PHILIPPINES! (you were hot, too, Duizhang)

D. The Adorkably Perfect Kris (aka where he’s got us all in thrall--mind, body and soul)

Are you drowning in the grease yet? No? Do you want more? Beyond all that grease though (yes, it is a bit hard to look past it), lies a sweet, well-mannered boy who’s actually a big ‘ol softie beneath that initial ice-cold exterior.

From the start, it was so easy to view Kris as the no-nonsense Duizhang who gets things done (and truly, he can take charge like no other, the boss that he is). We understand. It’s so easy to get entrapped by that face, especially when it looks like a manga character breathed into life. Just look at all the examples. If that wasn’t enough, Kris has also been the muse of numerous talented artists.

However, inside that imposing presence is actually a soft-spoken mama’s boy who’s more similar to a teddy bear than any actual dragon. Fans have long since suspected that he’s not as tough as he looks ever since he became teary-eyed when they first performed overseas, but all hell broke loose when EXO-M won Most Popular Newcomer at the 5th Mengniu Music Billboard Awards. Kris cried. The normally stoic Duizhang actually let his guard down and let his tears fall. Kris has always been a favorite target of fans’ trolling, but as the scene of him being unable to hold his tears back unfolded, most could not help but feel proud of this boy who traveled halfway across the world to fulfill his dreams. Of course, soon enough, people went back to trolling him again. Who can resist, when he makes such unfortunate facial expressions? Such is the love-rage devotion Kris evokes from his legions of fangirls (and occasional fanboy).

More than Duizhang, Kris is a 哥哥 (gē gē) (for fangirls, he also answers to oppa)--a big brother to his members. He may not be the eldest, but his leader position and general demeanor makes him look and act like the big brother. And his younger brothers all flock to him naturally (even the older ones). Tao has most especially been vocal about idolizing Duizhang. There’s just this aura about Kris that lets you know he’s responsible and is a protector. That doesn’t mean, though, that he can’t be the adoring younger brother when he wants to be. As his tears show, as much as Duizhang is a person who protects, he sometimes needs to be protected, too.

In the end, Kris is a person to be admired (maybe for his looks, but definitely not just that). Kris is EXO’s rock. He has always managed to look calm and collected, even in the midst of chaos. Kris has been nothing but polite to fans, who eagerly await his and the other members’ arrival at the airport. Perhaps it has something to do with how frequently he had to travel growing up, but nothing seems to ruffle Kris’ feathers even when he’s alone being mobbed by fans. Behind the icy exterior lies a generally sweet guy--the type who buys a new suitcase within which to put fan’s gifts, leaves his luggage with them to try on a gift, bows to them, takes a picture with them, and sets up a pop-up autograph signing booth for them. He’s also not afraid to poke fun at himself.

This is why Kris is an integral part of EXO...and that is why Kris suddenly dropping off the face of the planet had everybody in panic.

The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part 5

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