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Kris Pimp Post Comm Add Requests [Aug. 19th, 2014|08:51 am]
Dragon's Lair: 队长的历史



This comm isn't actually open to users. We used it as a location to test the Kris Pimp Post we created for EXOChocolate (exochocolate.livejournal.com). The pimp post is still there but due to recent events Kris posts are restricted there. We have a new Kris comm located at WYFUniverse (wyfuniverse.livejournal.com) which is made of users who spun off from EC. We'll eventually add the pimp post there as well.


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The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Five [Mar. 21st, 2013|02:30 pm]
Dragon's Lair: 队长的历史


The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Four

E. Kris Watch 2013 (aka The Nightmare)

Part 1 aka Panic Slowly Settles In

Immediately upon returning to Korea after recording for the CCTV Lunar New Year Festival, Kris, together with the other EXO boys, watched their sunbae, BoA’s concert (though Kris fell asleep at one point). That was the last fans heard of or saw Kris for over 20 days. It was then that people realized just how much they like and stan Duizhang. While the other EXO boys were busy shopping around Seoul and attending Sehun’s graduation, Duizhang was nowhere to be found.

At first, rumors that he was sick started circulating. Fears were somewhat abated when he updated his renren with a greeting. However, as the days went on and there were still no sightings of Kris, some speculated that SM had had the audacity to force him to get plastic surgery, while others even went as far as thinking that he had left the group. Other fans, however, believed that he went to Guangzhou for the Lunar New Year. This remained unconfirmed until a fan posted about meeting Kris trying to travel incognito. He reportedly told the fan that he would be away for personal reasons, and that he’d be back by March. The fan refrained from posting his whereabouts in order to respect his privacy, but other fans quickly put two and two together to surmise (correctly) that Kris would be traveling to Vancouver, Canada.

And travel to Canada he did (where we got our first clear glimpse of Duizhang after 21 days, with promise of a new hairstyle to boot). Kris was welcomed warmly by fans, and he even got the paparazzi treatment. Terrible pap incident aside, Kris was finally in the company of friends, who wisely refused to let him drive after a grueling flight despite his insistence. Oh, and he never forgot to show that trademark niceness and patience, either. At one point during his stay, a fangirl spotted him most likely trying to sort out some travel documents. Despite that, for the most part, fans were respectful of his privacy.

Four days later, Kris went back to Guangzhou via Hong Kong, where he was promptly mobbed by fangirls (and fanboy - though he was not the_erotomanic, as one would naturally assume). It seemed his grease was sorely missed. Kris was ever the gentleman, offering to buy coffee for fans and even posing for them no matter how ridiculous it seemed, much to his own embarrassment. He also finally debuted a new hairstyle, which should have hinted that EXO was gearing towards a rougher, edgier, more, err, animalistic image. All was good; Duizhang was finally  back.

Except he wasn’t. Many thought 130222 was the end of Kris Watch 2013; however, as it turned out, it only heralded the end of KW2013 part 1, and the beginning of KW2013 part 2.

Part 2 aka This Feeling of Dread

After getting back to Guangzhou, Kris became incommunicado once again. With news of EXO’s impending (snort) comeback, leaks of EXO songs left and right, and pictures of his members filming without him, fans started to panic once again. Thus, Kris’ renren update on 130310, though vague and dramatic, came as a welcome respite. It seems that even in absentia, he’s made sure that his grease (and cheese) can still reach his Fan fan’s hearts.

After almost two months of being away, Kris finally came back to Korea on March 14. Fans first spotted him leaving Guangzhou for Beijing on March 13.  As is usual, fans mobbed him and he actually had to ask them to please make way” (though a group kindly formed a barricade around him so he wouldn’t be trampled and crushed). The fans also had a large presence on his flight (seen above) which required the flight attendants to help. He calmly signed for the fans though he eventually told everyone to sit down. And, as usual, Kris remained calm and gracious, even when his luggage was unfortunately sent to Qingdao.

The next day, his departure from Beijing and arrival in Korea
was greatly appreciated (read: mobbed again), so much so that both Chinese and Korean news sites reported about it. As is usual, he was his GQMF self, wearing an elegant trench coat, and carrying a new plushie. And while we can all agree that his fashion sense and appearance (and overall cuteness) were on point, sometimes he made some really unfortunate facial expressions.   It looked like Kris was really happy to be back (with new plushies too), judging from that hug he gave manager oppa. Fans were also greatly relieved of his return. All is well, Duizhang was back, back, back, back.

Part 3 aka Still Waiting

You’d think that’d be the end, right? Apparently not. As of this writing, Kris has only been spotted going to SM once--ONCE!! days after he came back, for only one hour!--since his return. A lot of rumors have surrounded his extended vacation and subsequent return It seems that Kris Watch 2013 (which has spanned 50 or so days and four countries) has not yet concluded definitely.

Fan fans continue to be greatly worried, but as he said before, “trust me.” And so we give him that trust, because he is Kris, because he is Duizhang. He once talked about refusing to call home because he was afraid he would miss his family too much; now, he has can count people from all over the globe as part of his family, ready to give him love and support.


A message from the collaborators: (bunica1990, wickedwondrous, feiling, hipployta, airyclouds)

To those who patiently read through our ramblings of Kris, thank you. That couldn’t have been easy. We wrote this with sweat, tears, and blood (but Hipployta is keeping hers, thank you very much), constantly drowning in the most enormous ocean of feels, and under the strain of Kris falling off the grid, and then waiting for him (and all of EXO) to just come back already. We may have made fun of Duizhang a bit (okay, a lot), but all of that was done out of love. Any Kris stan knows that the first rule of being his fan is to know how to poke fun at him. It’s really hard not to, but in the process, it’s even harder not to be amazed by just how wonderful a person he seems to be.

We are just his fans, and we may never know the totality of who he really is, but the glimpses he has shown us have only made us bigger supporters of him and his endeavors (yes, including the grease and cheese). To you, whether you are dedicated Kris stans already, just casual fans, or even (gulp) Kris haters, we hope that this serves to either strengthen your belief in him or open you to the possibility of his greatness--because he really is great. We tried to be as objective as possible, but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

And to Kris, even if you may never see this, unless you lurk on this part of the interwebs, thank you. Thank you for giving us many materials for joke fodder, and for being ever so gracious about it. Thank you for being kind and professional. Thank you for being our didi/dongsaeng, gege/oppa, Krisus, and Duizhang altogether. As fans, we support you, and we believe in you. We hope to make you feel that, even if only through this post, your hard work is appreciated by us all.

A recommended Guide to Kris and a list of EXO’s every appearance to reference

A recommended post for ALL of Kris' fansite photos for the year of 2012 by our own
bunica1990 and grasshopper215

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The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Four [Mar. 21st, 2013|11:30 am]
Dragon's Lair: 队长的历史


The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Three

Letting Kris Loose Onstage

Kris started out terribly awkward onstage, saved only by the fact that he still looked good being awkward. Take his first Like A G6 stage for example. Please take this as an example of the love-rage feels that Duizhang induces. From that first performance, however, Duizhang has improved by leaps and bounds. Now he’s comfortable running around, lying down, and even sliding across the floor.

It has come to a point where he’s gotten so comfortable that he accidentally showed his often-denied and terribly covered-up tattoo, to the delight of his fans who then promptly prepared a seven-page document in an attempt to explain what it means. Kris has also demonstrated his skill on the African Drums (see, he fulfilled his promise when he said “maybe next time”).

Chen is the top danseen masheen in EXO, but his fans could argue that, within EXO-M, Kris comes a close second. His long limbs tend to make him look awkward and get in the way more often than not. Don’t tell him that, though, he won’t accept it. He may not voice out his insecurities, but actions speak louder than words. However, he hasn’t let that stop him from enjoying the stage.

Kris must really take those self-help books to heart. From the boy who’d rather be dancing in the back, Kris has taken to demonstrating his, err, moves at fans’ request, and even parodying and teasing poor Kyungsoo. But nobody could have prepared fangirls’ hearts when he suddenly busted out his vocal chords and sang for fans during his birthday. Of course, the grease is also a big part of it.

Swimming in a Tub of Grease (Part 2)

A big part of what solidified Kris’ position as a greasy god is due largely to Kcon and DKFC (aside from his ever-present winking and flying kisses).

At Kcon, Kris delighted fans with his impeccable aegyo (as previously detailed) and a bit of sass, but also with his concern for fans’ safety during the fansign, expressed in a sexy and greasy drawl. This outburst of concern was met with cheers and swoons, but also with an epic facepalm from fellow contributor Hipployta, who had the (mis)fortune of standing in line at the fansign and witnessing it all. In fact, there is even a fancam of hipployta speaking with his royal hotness. How cool is that?

DKFC in Manila left fans with a deep impression. Kris impressed everyone with his vocals in EXO’s rendition of Hawak Kamay, but also shocked fans with his intense performance of “Two Moons,” as well as with his MC skills. Whether or not fans were able to handle all the sexy Duizhang was talking about is unknown, but one this was certain: IT WAS HOT IN THE PHILIPPINES! (you were hot, too, Duizhang)

D. The Adorkably Perfect Kris (aka where he’s got us all in thrall--mind, body and soul)

Are you drowning in the grease yet? No? Do you want more? Beyond all that grease though (yes, it is a bit hard to look past it), lies a sweet, well-mannered boy who’s actually a big ‘ol softie beneath that initial ice-cold exterior.

From the start, it was so easy to view Kris as the no-nonsense Duizhang who gets things done (and truly, he can take charge like no other, the boss that he is). We understand. It’s so easy to get entrapped by that face, especially when it looks like a manga character breathed into life. Just look at all the examples. If that wasn’t enough, Kris has also been the muse of numerous talented artists.

However, inside that imposing presence is actually a soft-spoken mama’s boy who’s more similar to a teddy bear than any actual dragon. Fans have long since suspected that he’s not as tough as he looks ever since he became teary-eyed when they first performed overseas, but all hell broke loose when EXO-M won Most Popular Newcomer at the 5th Mengniu Music Billboard Awards. Kris cried. The normally stoic Duizhang actually let his guard down and let his tears fall. Kris has always been a favorite target of fans’ trolling, but as the scene of him being unable to hold his tears back unfolded, most could not help but feel proud of this boy who traveled halfway across the world to fulfill his dreams. Of course, soon enough, people went back to trolling him again. Who can resist, when he makes such unfortunate facial expressions? Such is the love-rage devotion Kris evokes from his legions of fangirls (and occasional fanboy).

More than Duizhang, Kris is a 哥哥 (gē gē) (for fangirls, he also answers to oppa)--a big brother to his members. He may not be the eldest, but his leader position and general demeanor makes him look and act like the big brother. And his younger brothers all flock to him naturally (even the older ones). Tao has most especially been vocal about idolizing Duizhang. There’s just this aura about Kris that lets you know he’s responsible and is a protector. That doesn’t mean, though, that he can’t be the adoring younger brother when he wants to be. As his tears show, as much as Duizhang is a person who protects, he sometimes needs to be protected, too.

In the end, Kris is a person to be admired (maybe for his looks, but definitely not just that). Kris is EXO’s rock. He has always managed to look calm and collected, even in the midst of chaos. Kris has been nothing but polite to fans, who eagerly await his and the other members’ arrival at the airport. Perhaps it has something to do with how frequently he had to travel growing up, but nothing seems to ruffle Kris’ feathers even when he’s alone being mobbed by fans. Behind the icy exterior lies a generally sweet guy--the type who buys a new suitcase within which to put fan’s gifts, leaves his luggage with them to try on a gift, bows to them, takes a picture with them, and sets up a pop-up autograph signing booth for them. He’s also not afraid to poke fun at himself.

This is why Kris is an integral part of EXO...and that is why Kris suddenly dropping off the face of the planet had everybody in panic.

The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part 5

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The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Three [Mar. 21st, 2013|10:43 am]
Dragon's Lair: 队长的历史

The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Two

Swimming in a Tub of Grease (Part 1)

Kris is not Krease when he’s not being greasy. He first showed signs of his greasiness in Happy Camp, when he chose to model for his talent, and tried to woo Lay to his side. A few days later, he did it again and again. Kris’ grease reached all the way to Thailand and Taiwan, where he greased his way to everybody’s heart (showing a petty, competitive side at the same time).

Kris’ grease has proven effective in catching people’s attention. MNET, in particular, could not help but proclaim how “beautiful” and how “talented” Duizhang is, and by all accounts, is one of Krease’s biggest fans. This dichotomy between cute, adorkable fail Kris and greasy Duizhang is a pattern that repeats itself throughout Kris’ career.

B. Real and Reel Life (aka where unf and fail meet)


Kris is an awesome model, in part because of that hypnotizing stare and in part because of his height and frame. He just wears clothes really well. Especially suits. Have you seen Kris wear a suit? You really should (bonus if he’s getting out of a car in one). We insist. He also looks great in a leather jacket. That doesn’t mean that Duizhang’s ability to wear clothes well exists only onstage or in magazines. For a rookie, Kris sure is a pro when it comes to photoshoots. In fact, there is no other place where fans have documented Kris’ ability to wear clothes other than the airport.

GQMF. Nothing can be more apt in describing majority of Kris’ airport fashion. From tailored and impeccable jackets to crisp white button-downs, Kris burst through the airport fashion scene like no rookie idol has ever done before. No idol has looked so good just walking at the airport. Kris has preferred wearing more tailored offerings, but there are times when he’s worn more casual clothing that shows a laidback side to his personality. There have been a few misses, but so far, the hits have been rolling in successively (he has even managed to look good wearing mustard yellow). He has even mastered the ability to seductively get out of cars, showcasing his breathtaking and magnificent looks.

Kris’ main draw is that he is ridiculously attractive without trying to be. He’s cool when he’s not trying to be cool, though that doesn’t stop him from trying. And when he tries, that’s when things go all awry, and all his cool points evaporate into one big basket of fail!Duizhang. Sometimes, people can’t help but think that he’s still cool even while being totally embarrassing. Such is the power of Kris.

A good many fans of Kris have learned to live with this dichotomy. We can’t explain it, so we just roll with it. We’ve accepted that being cool, trying to be cool, and failing are all an integral part of who Duizhang is. Really, it’s what makes Kris, Kris.

C. Duizhang the Performer (aka Growl Growl Growl)

Kris may be EXO-M’s resident rapper, but his stans (with a few exceptions) accept the fact that performing has never been his strong suit. Duizhang is a natural-born leader, and he uses that to organize and rally his members. He is a hard worker as well, having filmed his backflip for MAMA 100 times.

Furthermore, he is also able to speak four languages (Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Korean) with varying degrees of fail/fluency, as seen on Show Champion, and he has successfully represented the group at an international level in various interviews like Jjang, Fuse, and even a French documentary. Why don’t you sit back and relax, while watching this articulate young man speak in this Compilation video. This doesn’t mean he’s fearless, though. Kris has confessed during Happy Camp that he is terrified of the manager. It can only be expected that, as a leader, he has a lot to answer for. One hopes that, with time, he will be cured of this fear.

Kris may be a born leader, but he’s not a natural performer. But what he lacks in technical skills, he makes up for in stage presence and charisma. After all, how can you ignore all 187cm of him prancing and flying onstage?

The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part 4

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The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Two [Mar. 21st, 2013|10:41 am]
Dragon's Lair: 队长的历史

The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part One

IV. Mama Era Promotions (aka where Kris builds his image, and then shoots it down to hell)

A. The Many Sides of Duizhang (aka “Professional Life Ruiner From Hell”)

The Savior Krisus

What early MAMA era did (above all others) was cement Kris’ status as Duizhang. As EXO-M started their promotion period in China, it became clear just why Kris was chosen to lead this six-member sub-unit into the vast, uncharted Chinese pop idol industry. Not only did he prove articulate and thoughtful, time and again, Kris swooped in to save his members from awkward moments in various interviews--a valiant effort which further endeared him to fans. Throughout all this, he never strayed from his favorite patented bitch face, whether he was reiterating his ability to fly, rap, refusing to do something on the spot, confirming that excuse you, his skin is better than yours (enhanced by BB cream), or even when playing with an unsuspecting angry bird.

Trolling Duizhang Like a Buffalo

That all changed when Zhang Yixing decided that enough was enough: the real Duizhang had to be known. As it turns out, that bitch face is only a cleverly constructed front to hide the most adorkable fail on the planet. Because, you see, Kris is really just a 6’2” ball of adorable fluff waiting to take the world by storm. Zhang Yixing opened the floodgates, and all the members followed (in rapid succession). Thus, months later, the person who used to have to force others to take the mic from him, now wanted to shut them all up, lest they reveal just how much hard work he puts into being cool.

Out of all the members, Chen-Chen has been Yixing’s disciple in the art trolling Duizhang and has proven to be very much adept in throwing Kris under the bus, alongside his other accomplices. Sometimes, though, the members don’t need to troll Kris as he himself seems to do a good job of ruining his own image. A fine example of this is his inordinate pride in being Kriscasso.

Kris and Cute Pt. 1: Crippling Weakness to Aegyo

Despite that, Kris’ love for his members (both in K and in M) is very evident. Kris is the undisputed big brother of all of EXO, even if he is only the third oldest. Where he leads, the others follow. Whether it’s admitting that he he gives in to Tao because he’s cute, or even messing around with the little trolls he looks after, Kris is a complete and total sucker for aegyo, puppy eyes, and all things cute. Of course, this doesn’t mean Kris will let others get the best of him.

Beyond his members though, Kris is powerless to young small humans. Though he has not had many public interactions with kids, except for a little girl and the infamous Guo Guo, aka Baozi’s little gf, Kris has demonstrated an unprecedented weakness for children. Any ovaries that survived the earlier massacre definitely did not survive this sudden attack (may feiling rest in peace, but seriously, have you seen anything more precious??).

Kris and Cute Pt. 2: Aegyo Monster Himself

And yet, Kris saw it fit to ensure the decimation of all ovaries by showing the world not just how receptive he was to aegyo, but also how he could bbuing bbuing with the best of them. (Okay, it wasn’t that successful, but it was cute to see him try. Seriously, Duizhang pls;;) Kris’ best aegyo feature, though, is his gummy smile, which is equal parts adorable, cute, and heartwarming. His eye smile is wonderful, too.

His legend has been built upon his harem of plush toys. It started with a red dragon, then a panda. It started out innocently enough--hey, let’s make such an imposing person carry around a kid’s toy. Fans, however, were totally not ready for Ace Wu, the little alpaca that could. If ever there was a moment where the whole fandom collectively gasped in painful abandon, it would be this. Ace has gone on to be the most notorious member of Kris’ plushie harem (even earning verbal acknowledgement as Kris’ son at his birthday party), but he is certainly not its last member. Kris’ plushie collection continues to grow in mini-plushie keychain format as well, so much so any airport picture is incomplete without a new plushie to welcome.

Aegyo Kris lulled fans into a sense of contentment. But they would be reminded that true to Duizhang’s complex personality, the grease was just waiting to unleash itself. And boy, did it.

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The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris [Mar. 21st, 2013|10:12 am]
Dragon's Lair: 队长的历史




Name: Lǐ Jiāhéng (李嘉恒), Kevin Li, Wú Yìfán (吴亦凡), Wú Fán (吴凡),

Kris (크리스), Duizhang (队长), Krisus, Niú Zǎi Gē/Cowboy/Denim Ge/Denim Oppa (牛仔哥)

Date of Birth: 6 November 1990

Sub-unit: EXO-M

Position: Duizhang, Rapper, Sub-vocal, Sex God, Recipient of Love-Rage Feels, Hipployta’s dongsaeng

Hobbies: reading self-help books, sleeping, surfing the internet, skincare, basketball, writing lyrics

Talents: Languages (English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean), world’s most talented African drum player, rap, excellence in drawing, beautiful handwriting, getting out of cars, ruining your life

EXO Power: Flight, Summon a Dragon (AND is a Dragon), Ovary Destruction

EXO Symbol:

I. Pre-Debut (aka “Hooray for Puberty”)

As Mario Puzo once said in The Godfather: “Great men are not born great, they grow great.” Such is the case with the mysterious leader of EXO-M, a man of many names and just as many mysteries surrounding his existence.

He of Many Names and Different Places

(why yes, Kris’ awesome is just too much to handle that this has to be further subdivided for optimum pleasure)

Some know him as Lǐ Jiāhéng, others as Kevin Li. What is certain is that, at one point, he became Wú Yìfán or Wú Fán . A select number of media people from Kcon even know him as Ken. His fellow EXO members refer to him as Duizhang. However, despite the overwhelming number of names that can make even royal families blush, most simply refer to him as Kris (alternatively, Krease).

Kris was born on 6 November 1990. It has been a generally accepted rumor that he was born in Guangzhou, and at some point during his childhood moved to Canada, settling in Vancouver. Some say that he returned to China at one point, only to come back to Canada shortly after. Suffice it to say, Kris’ past, for the most part, has been shrouded in mystery. Despite that, little tidbits about Kris surfaced. He is known for his love of basketball and was even rumored to have been team captain. Kindly direct your attention to this pre-debut video and observe the grace with which he fails to score. While being one inch away from the hoop. Such embarrassing moments would go on to become the norm in his life.

Little Krisus Growing Up

Kris’ infamous bitchface has been around forever. However, once infancy passed and puberty rolled in (no pun intended), all hope was lost. The impeccable bitchface made room for awkward yearbook photos and general greasiness. All hope seemed to be lost until 2007, when Kris entered SM’s Global Audition in Vancouver, BC, Canada. From that blessed moment, he went on to train for five years before debuting with EXO. (Let us observe Duizhang practicing his great rapping prowess.) As puberty passed and SM worked its magic, we were all blessed with the return of his infamous bitchface.

The Trainee Years

Kris’ training period was not filled with rainbows and butterflies. He has confessed to missing his family during interviews, and he entertained some doubts at that point in his life. However, his dedication and hard work prevailed. Good thing he persevered, because Duizhang is just too exceptional to be ignored, even way before he debuted.

Kris became quasi-famous among SM stans even before he debuted. He had his own fancams (with other future EXO members) pre-debut, with one earning him the nickname of 牛仔哥 (Niú Zǎi Gē) because of his denim fetish. SNSD fans may also recognize him as that good-looking guy from a VTR that played during SNSD’s 1st Asia Tour Concert. Nevertheless, despite all these, Kris still remained an intriguing and mysterious figure throughout the years leading up to the now infamous teaser era.

II. EXO Teaser Era (aka, “Please, for the love of God, no more shakin’ like that”)

Prior to official debut, Kris first appeared in the group shot of Sehun’s teaser (8). All the EXO members, including Kris, were revealed via the What is Love MV on 29 January 2012, but his official video teaser (17) was released on 25 February 2012. He was the 11th member to be introduced. Along with his teaser video, SM also released two photos. He also appears in the final teaser video (23). Later SM released more photos (including ones with other members), but virtually no information about him.

Solo teaser: EXO Teaser video 17 Kris

The reaction to Kris in the What is Love and History MVs can best be described by the words Ovary Explosion. EXO-M’s practice video for History attracted special attention because of the numerous comments about Kris, ranging from appreciation, admiration, to outright unabashed awe. He was also a magnet for an unprecedented number of truly perverted (ahem) comments, previously never heard of for such a new group. Still, in spite of all these, virtually nothing was still known about the mysterious Kris, sometimes referred to as Krisus, rumored leader of EXO-M.

III. Debut Era (aka, “MAMA Mia, Kreease has arrived”)

MAMA, where’d my panties go?

The MAMA music video solidified Kris’ status as EXO’s resident ovary-terminator. It also introduced growling Kris to the world--a favorite of his (and ours! bless you, duizhang)--which has cropped up again and again during the MAMA promotion period. If one thing is to be learned from the MV, though, it’s that not even unflattering face paint will be allowed to distract from his glorious face. (See those ovaries--all gone kaput).

Duizhang’s Here, Peasants

The seemingly cold Ice Prince Krisus and Co. held their Korean showcase on 31 March 2012, followed by another showcase in Beijing the next day. EXO’s Korean showcase was particularly memorable, as Kris demonstrated that he speaks Korean like a boss and can actually smile. His special stage with Chanyeol blessed us with the most awesome first fandom meme ever, “Ayo Whaddup Kreease”, as well as some gloriously classy crotch-grabbing. It also introduced us to his monstrous yaoi hands (see picture above), which have been a recurring point of fixation for fans ever since. Look, how can you ignore these? (wickedwondrous can’t) Other notable debuts: his smirk, those thighs, and that stare. In terms of introducing Duizhang to the masses, these events were a success.

EXO-M officially made their debut at the Shenzhen Mengniu Sour Yogurt Music Billboard Awards on the 8 April 2012. All six members made quite the impression, and Kris aced his red carpet debut looking effortlessly handsome and dapper, setting a precedent for other red carpets to come.

However, their debut did not go without trouble. In what is now known as the infamous “We have four Chinese members” incident, Kris stepped up to the plate and solidified his position as a responsible and well-spoken leader, deftly correcting the host that they could indeed understand what the fans were saying (or screaming). At that moment, bunica1990 and hipployta forever made Kris their #1.

The Ultimate Guide to Duizhang Kris Part Two


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